Hear What Others are Saying

Just absolutely loving the "Apophenia" so fun to play. Inspires creativity, beautiful look, the Glow Ring is just such a cool and unique look that adds intrigue to the pedal board. I can’t wait to plug in again and see what comes of it every day!

I plugged it in this evening and – F**K – I was immediately surrounded by rich, articulate delay lines. I have never heard a delay/echo that is so clear, crystalline and bell-like.

It’s AWESOME!! That’s what I think. If I didn’t have to eat dinner, I would keep playing! Super fun with so many tonal/time options to play with. Super stoked to keep diving into it!!

The tonal flexibility and precision by the low shelf/high shelf filters is wonderful. (Filters are criminally neglected by the guitar community.) Frankly, I am blown away. It’s a keeper!